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I'm glad to hear this, Jim.
Thanks RR! We can still take rides on the scooter though, I just had some new flames put on the sides.

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I could put myself in your shoes and it would be almost unbearable for me.

Anyway I’ve been walking everyday still except for one day last week I stayed in my pyjamas all day long. I was completely exhausted and decided to have a ‘do nothing ‘ day and it was quite fun.
With all the stress of socializing at Christmas time as well as adding going to the gym three times a week , it may have proved to be too much.

Now I’m decompressing and getting back to a regular schedule. I’ve decided that I’m going to start walking in different places
than my usual trails. My regular walks are about 4 to 5 kilometres long and I’d go farther but my littlest girls paws are only about 4 inches long and she’s almost 13 years old. I hope I’m not over walking her.

Here in Canada we have many maple trees so maple syrup is a big business. Here are the maple syrup lines that carry the syrup.

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There are horseback trails near where we live which we all enjoy

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It’s enjoyable seeing different things to look at like woodpecker holes in the trees
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Then I come across some trees that I wish I cut and take home. The wood at the trunk of this tree is a woodworkers dream wood . The knots and wood grain would be incredible.

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It was unbearable for me, especially watching my wife take the dogs out by herself. I always had in the back of my mind that something bad would happen with a stray dog, coyotes or just someone giving her trouble and I wouldn't be there to help. Thankfully nothing ever happened and that mindset is coming to an end.

Those are some nice pics Keesha. I especially like the one of your dog running on the path, she's cute! 4 or 5km's might be too much for your girl at that age. (I believe 5km's is roughly 3 miles?) We usually do 1.5 miles after work and our 11.5 year old Shepherd gets tired, especially in the heat and she's in good shape too.
Glad to hear you're getting some rest both mentally and physically. I find that daily walks do wonders for my mental state.