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Eating a plant-based diet.

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    When I first started using Stevia I didn't like it but I gave it another try a year later and I'm okay with it now. Don't know why.

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    How about maple syrup!
    Stevia takes adjusting to. It’s best to wean yourself off sugar gradually.
    Make whatever you are eating or drinking less & less sweet then add a tiny amount of stevia.
    If you really can’t handle it then use a better form of sugar like honey or maple syrup. The flavour of honey can be a bit strong but maple syrup is a subtle sweetness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth n Jersey View Post
    So nice to see that so many of you are making headway using a plant based diet. I already have to be on a gluten free diet which after so many years really isn't a problem. I'm not a big meat eater but noticed sugar actually makes me feel sick . I have eliminated it by not eating desserts with sugar, cakes and cookies. To expensive to make or buy gluten free anyway. My problem is my morning coffee and ice tea. I love both very sweet. I tried to eliminate it very slowly but I get to a certain point where I just don't enjoy drinking it at all. I use artificial sweetener instead of sugar and I'm happy with that but I'm sure all those chemicals aren't good either. I don't like the taste of honey in coffee and I think Stevia has a weird taste. Any ideas?
    My parents, old world Italians, used to offer liquour with esspresso, made it sweeter. Don't know if that would be a solution for you. I was going to suggest raw honey, but just read you don't like it. I do NOT trust artificial sweeteners and avoid them like the plague.

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