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Beautiful Photos of Tulips from The Netherlands

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    Beautiful Photos of Tulips from The Netherlands

    Some nice colorful tulip pictures here.

    As a travel and landscape photographer being lots of time on the road is nice, but I always try to be home during the Tulip season. This isn’t always easy as the exact timing of the blooming is always quite random. Sometimes the Tulips will show itself during April and sometimes you have to wait a bit till May. They’re usually here for a period of 2-3 weeks depending on the weather. A safe bet to visit is usually the end of April.

    Most of the tourists go to our famous Tulip garden named ‘the Keukenhof’. It’s beautiful for a visit but always very crowded. Seeing the flowers outside the Keukenhof on the farmers lands is on another level. You will see endless tulips that stretch all the way to the horizon. As a Dutch landscape photographer I have taken my fair share of tulip shots over the years. But I always keep going. I love the season again and again, every year. I always have new ideas how to photograph them and always aim for different weather conditions.

    This is a series of photographs I captured over the years. I have always loved capturing the flowers from ground level. I love shooting with a very wide angle and love to get up close to the tulips to get a beautiful perspective. This year I decided to complete these series with not only drone footage, but also shots taken from a small airplane from an open window.

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    Gorgeous colours Seabreeze. Tulips are so pretty.

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    breath taking such depth

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    These are truly superb on all levels. Congratulations on these stunning photos!

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