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George Clooney's birthday

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    George Clooney's birthday

    Another favorite actor of I've liked for awhile,George Clooney is 57 today.He's in a small group of actors who started their careers in TV,have made the successful transition into a movie career either starring or directing movies. The only other 3 I can think of are Ron Howard,Jodie Foster and Bruce Willis.
    George's best known TV roles are:

    "George Bennett' in NBC sitcom'The Facts of Life' '85-'87
    "Dr Doug Ross' in NBC long running medical drama 'ER" ''94-'09,he left after the 5th yr
    I haven't seen all of George's movies,these are couple of favorites
    "The Perfect Storm'00
    'Gravity' '13
    "Monuments Men' '14
    "Money Monster'16
    He has directed these movies:
    "Good Night/Good Luck'05
    Leatherheads' '08
    "Monuments Men' 14
    George has won 2 Academy awards,
    best supporting actor for 'Syriana' '05
    co -executive producer with Ben Affleck,Grant Heslov for 'Argo' '13 Sue
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    Happy Birthday, Booker!!!

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    Happy Birthday George!

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