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How Does One Afford Assisted Living?

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    Quote Originally Posted by applecruncher View Post
    Wealth is relative, and I doubt Oprah, Bill Gates, etc. spend much time on internet forums.

    However, there are some obnoxious people who are financially well-off and like to remind others about their own success and good fortune. Not that unusual.

    Look, I'm not going to bat this back and forth. The point has been made.
    Have a nice day.
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    Most cannot afford assisted living. What we did was to get my mom on Medicaid and placed her into a State run Nursing home where my cousin works and keeps and eye on her. She is doing very well at 87 with Dementia. My dad refused to go anywhere. He wanted to die at home and so we arranged for nurses and Aids to stop by to check on him as well as doctors making house calls. My sister saw him almost daily and he died at the age of 90, the night before he was going to be involuntarily sent to a nursing home because he started hallucinating.

    Around here assisted nursing places are luxurious. The wealthier people enter them at a young age since it is like living in a hotel. They get most of their meals prepared for them and maid service. There is an inside parking garage and buses to take them on trips. As they get older the amount of care increases accordingly. I am investing just for this reason. Plus I have no mortgage or children to save for so we should have enough saved for a few years of assisted living, maybe more depending on the Stock Market.
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    We have long term care insurance that covers me for two years and my wife for three years. We took out the insurance in 1999. Costs $1,569.00 a year that covers both of us. Covers $209.00 a day,for each of us which would not be enough today but it would pay a good share. It also covers home care.

    We hope that we never need to use it but feel better knowing we have it and will be able to leave some money to our children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lon View Post
    You are so wrong!! I am fully aware of where I stand in relation to others and feel no guilt about it and the fact that my posts do not reflect a sympathetic attitude towards the less fortunate is not an accident.
    Seriously Lon? Does that mean you intend to rub your good fortune in the face of others less fortunate? Be grateful, not hateful !

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