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Arthritic Knee and Doing All I Can To Do NO Knee Replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadishRose View Post
    There are times when just losing excess weight takes the pressure off the poor knee and it feels much better.
    This is so true. While I’ve never had any knee issues, I have had foot troubles that were so bad I could hardly walk. That was about 8 years ago when I was much heavier. Once I lost the weight and started eating better, my foot healed up well and I make sure to keep walking. For me, exercise has been crucially important to my recovery.

    Quote Originally Posted by rgp View Post
    Very true, trouble is , once joint damage is 'felt' and worsens...moving to ward off excess weight becomes all but impossible....and the spiral begins.
    This is so true which was why I made extra effort to lose weight. I figured growing old is challenging enough without the added pressure of excess weight. It is a tough one. Swimming or just walking in water to help keep your body buoyant is very helpful for those in this situation. Once a bit of weight is lost more can be done but a person HAS to be willing to change their habits for this to happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaminhealth View Post
    This too is true and that's why we must push away from the plate/table, and eliminate foodstuffs that are keeping us overweight. I stopped using breads about 10 yrs ago, gotta start somewhere and that's what I've accomplished. Lettuce leaves make a nice bread wrap for my sandwich types.
    Exactly. This goes along with Happyflowerlady ‘s post, which was excellent btw. What we eat makes a big difference to our levels of pain.

    Good luck with your knees Jam.
    You are doing pretty good for a women your age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvnewbie View Post
    My little Miracle: Long story; but, I am part of a research study: Knee Emobilzation. Painless out patient procedure. Fantastic! I was walking without pain in 24 hours. 4 days later I did an uphill backpacking trip with a heavy pack -NO problems! As a "research study", it was all FREE! (Free is GOOD!). I am not sure where this whole study is as far as being "approved" by the AMA and ortho docs; however, based upon my experience, it should become available in the near future.

    It was done on my "bad" left knee. Eventually, I may need a replacement as that knee is almost bone-on-bone. This procedure has probably given me another 5 years or more. Pic of me showing off - standing on that knee on the trail - note: Heavy backpack
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    Way to go wvnewbie. Your actions speak as loud as your words. Very cool.
    You appear to be a very active guy. Good for you.

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