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Blood sugar daily record.

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    Blood sugar daily record.

    My doctor wants me to keep track of my daily blood sugar so he can better tell if he needs to adjust my oral medications for diabetes during my every 90 day blood and urine tests.

    I was going to draw up my own monthly record but I stumbled across this site and the monthly / daily record is already made and all I've got to do is print them.

    Here's the link to the site for those that may be interested.

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    Good recommendation ; it’s a necessity
    Great find

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    I made up my own chart for wife and I, just like I made up a chart for our BP and weight.

    I take two meds for my Diabetic II and my wife takes one. We use to test daily, but that got old, so now we test twice a week in the AM. There are times we test in the AM, after having something the night before that we possibly shouldn't have, like a piece of pie or margarita, but generally, since we know our readings will be somewhat high, we don't test the next AM after having something the night before that is too sugary.

    I take 2,000 mgs of Metformin a day, 1,000 in AM and 1000 in PM. I also will take a Glipizide med twice a day, 30 minutes before eating. Wife takes 2,000 mg Metformin twice a day as well.

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