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Does Anyone use a PEDOMETER?

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    Does Anyone use a PEDOMETER?

    Do to certain medical conditions I am limited with the kinds of exercise I can do, but I can walk using my walker. I bought a PEDOMETER two weeks ago and use it daily. Based on the length of my stride it will measure how many steps I have taken. 2,000 steps equals one mile. I was pleased to see that the 27, 974 steps that I have taken in the past 5 days is equal to almost 14 miles.

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    I used to have one that was part of a watch, and it measured my steps. It was difficult for me to use and even to remember to wear it when I went for a walk.
    Then I got a fitness tracker, and that worked with an app on my iPhone, and I liked that much better.
    Now, I have an Apple Watch that I wear all of the time and it measures my steps, my heartrate, my swimming, my sleep, and besides all that....... I can answer my phone with it !

    No matter what suits each person, I think that tracking your health and your exercise is a great thing to do, so keep up the good work, Lon !
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    I have an Omron pedometer, I used to use it everyday, but now I only use it when camping to measure the hikes I take. It wasn't working right last time I went to use it, I have to replace the battery and reset the information to see if it's still reliable.

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    I have a Fitbit but prefer the app on my iPhone.

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    I used one on the golf course to see how far I walked. A gadget.

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