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Thank you ever so much, Keesha. You have no idea of how many things I've tried which failed to have the slightest impact. When the 2 G.I. Dr's said it was incurable, I had given up. I figured my life was over. Still a tad early to know for certain but this is looking very good so far.

P.S. I saw my PCP yesterday and when I told him that I had given up sugar alcohols, he got a quizzical look on his face. I had to explain what they are. Un-freakin'-believable. He had never heard of them.
You are so very welcome.
I don’t want to discredit doctors at all but they only get taught to treat symptoms with prescription drugs. That’s all most of them know. Doctors aren’t taught to even care or acknowledge all the horrific side effects some drugs have and they especially aren’t taught anything about nutrition or how the body heals naturally.

If they were recommending this then they’d be out of a job. In fact they don’t really even consider that food might be making you sick. They’d rather prescribe a pill and have you keep coming back. Not to say there aren’t some good doctors, because there are and that some medicine isn’t needed, because it is.

With holistic treatment, it views healing on ALL levels;quality of diet,level of exercise, level of stress, quality of sleep, cognitive functioning as well as mental attitude and emotional well being.

There’s some really good information out there about healing the stomach and digestive track and there are a lot of illnesses that cause this including systemic candida, bad bacteria infection, irritable bowl syndrome etc.,

I think from now on when you research anything add ‘holistic healing’ to your search category. This will give you more options and show you that there are other methods of healing besides conventional medicine. After all modern medicine is NEW. People got sick and healed without prescription drugs but healed from old age remedies that have been around for centuries and the great thing about the internet is you get information from people all around the world.

Another great thing is that you are a chef and you will get into making homemade chicken broth and eating better. The better you feel the more you’ll get into it plus I know you HATE water but it’s good for you. There’s many healing teas that are quite tasty. Something with ginger in it will do you the world of good.

You can do this. Even your attitude & spirit has lightened up noticeably. I’m so happy for you. Dealing with what you have to deal with must be depressing as ever so this is good.

I wish you continued success!