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I saw that segment on TV, last night. The gf and I discussed it. As it stands, my child-rearing days are behind me. My daughter knows that I am not available for babysitting service. I enjoy seeing my two, young granddaughters, every so often, but that's that. That being said, if anything ever happened to my daughter and sil to the point where my granddaughters faced being put in foster homes, I would step up to the plate, but be very sad to do so, for more reasons than one. My step-daughter is very maternal, and great with the kids, so I have a feeling she'd probably be the one to take custody, and that would be fine, with me. On that TV segment, last night, I got the feeling that some of the grandparents, who were interviewed, were happy to be raising kids, again. I would not be in that group.
Treeguy...you sent me a ridiculous message at the beginning of the year asking why do I post in such a tiny font, saying I guess I think it's cool. Yes...I saved the message. Where that came from I don't even know and why you singled me out I have no idea because because during that time, I was using larger font and some others here were not . So if you had such an issue with me using the default font (any time before that), why are YOU now using it? And if you did it as a joke...I did not find it funny!