author Tom Wolfe who's best known books included 'The Right Stuff,"Bonfires of the Vanities' died on Monday age 88 ,was being treated for an infection.
He was famous for wearing three piece suits,top hats which isn't exactly what writers/authors are known for wearing.
Two of his well known books, 'The Right Stuff' '79,his detailed account of the early U.S. astronauts in space,'Bonfire of the Vanities'87,a satirical look of money/power/greed and vanity in the '80's were made into movies.
The Right Stuff' 83 starred Sam Shepard,Scott Glenn, Ed Harris,Dennis Quaid directed by Phillip Kaufman,won 4 Academy Awards

Bonfire of the Vanities'90 starred Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis,Melanie Griffith,Morgan Freeman,directed by Brian DePalma