Every few years I find a deep need to watch Michael Flatley's, River Dance. My all-time favorite is : "Feet Of Flames"

Tonight was the night.

For those unfamiliar with it, it is Celtic Dance and Music. Oh, my. What a show ! It has everything: point/counter-point between the grace and beauty of the feminine, set against the power of the masculine, soaring sopranos, romance, good Vs. evil, the traditional Irish coleen Vs, the dark temptress, for the attentions of the "hero".

For an hour and 53 minutes, chills ran up and down my body. And, oh my goodness, the female Irish dancers. Wow ! They can kick their legs higher above their heads then you would think possible.

This version was produced in front of an audience of tens of thousands at Hyde Park, London.

If interested, Google, River Dance, Feet of Flames

P.S. recommended for viewers of all ages. Yes even kids. Two thumbs up !