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When Did You Last Visit A Zoo?

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    LOL Remember when Kramer had to go to the zoo and apologize to the monkey ? I almost died laughing.

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    Connecticut USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadishRose View Post
    Kramer... what a great character - and Michael Richards played him to perfection. Thanks for the smile!

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    Last month I went to a fairly new place near Wichita called Tangynika Wildlife park. It's a bit pricier than a lot of zoos but I know feeding all those animals has to be expensive. My granddaughter loves giraffes and you can feed some of the animals. We fed giraffes, kangaroos, some kind of parrots, tortoises, llamas, baby hippos, lemurs. I couldn't afford to go there very often but we had a great time. They had some other unusual animals that we couldn't feed like an albino crocodile, honey badgers, several birds from Austrailia, a sloth (that recently had a baby).

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    I took some of my grandkids last fall. We have a decent zoo here in Nashville, and we all had a blast!! I'm Australian by birth, so being able to hang with the kangaroos (they have a petting area and there are 'roos and goats that the kids can pet and brush) was a special treat for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olive View Post
    I don't know why they feel they have to capture and cage animals, that belong in the wild. For what?
    I would not care to meet a Kodiak bear in the wild.
    I have never seen a Flamingo in the wild, not even in the Everglades.

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    It has been about 10 years since I visited the Jacksonville, FL Zoo. I loved the Gorilla and Monkeys . Also fascinated by the Jaguar and the Cougar. Sadly the Cougar died about 2 years later.

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