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The Credit Card Rewards Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingsX View Post

    I have worked with a computer since the 1970s and bought my first desktop computer for home use in 2000. Loved my computer and loved the internet. But now that I am older, my love-affair with the computer is over. The main reason I am still on line is because it's where I get most of my news and information [while knowing that news/info will be slanted.] This forum is one of the few places I go to interact. My old desktop still works. But I doubt I will buy another when it dies. I might rely only on much less capable mobile phone internet access.

    I just posted this yesterday. Today when I clicked into my Yahoo mail box, the box was there but nothing else... nothing...
    no emails, no folders of any kind and after testing it, no emails coming in or out. I've contacted Yahoo [it's a paid account.]

    The irony is... this my first and major email account that I first set up when I came on the internet in 2000... so whatever
    glitch totally wiped it out... just wiped out a huge summary of my internet life. I take that as a huge personal sign.. HUGE !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadwarrior View Post
    I budget $750 per month for possible living expenses items. Based on that if I get 1.5% for everything then I could make $11.25 or $135. My monthly fixed expenses are $240, I estimate that my monthly grocery bill/sundry items is $400, gas runs about $80 or less. Total monthly expenses = $720 could possibly bring me cash back of $10.80 x 12 = $130 annually - IS IT WORTH THE BOOK KEEPING headache? How much does one spend on clothes, entertainment & travel?

    My RV park rent is paid semi annually ($1075 for 6 months), can use a card ($16.12 cash back), add to the $130 = $146. Travel expenses is 4000 miles @ 15 MPG $930 x .02 = $18.60. ($146 + 18.60 = $165). I stand to amass a fortune of $165! My lifestyle is very minimal, I don't fly, stay in hotels, usually prepare my own meals, dining is not an event for me I eat to live - not live to eat. Can't hear so I never go to shows or concerts. My movies & reading are taken care of with my library card, all free.

    My health is good, my weight is normal, I get my exercise without a club membership. Wife gets my pension, I live very comfortable on my SS, I have medicare/with supplement, my out of pocket drug charges are less than $300 a year. I drive an old vehicle which is paid for, my tax refund covers all my annual expenses including maintenancee & insurance. A vehicle is to get you from point A to point B, if you want to go in style, go but if you don't need the BS status symbol drive an older dependable auto. I have no mortgage, or auto loan.

    Where can I make thousands without increasing my outlay? What am I missing? You need to come up with a better reason than insulting me about my risk aversion. I've played the investment game quite well, thank you! Just don't need the worry in my 'Golden Years'.
    And you don't think it's an insult to the financial intelligence of those of us who use our rewards that you insinuated we buy "useless stuff" just to get those rewards? Buying unnecessary items as well as paying interest on any charges negates the benefit of getting cash back rewards. I believe in my initial response to the thread I indicated that I pay for everything with rewards cards that i would normally have to pay for with a check (or debit card), except our carrying charges (homeowner expenses) and that's because they don't have a system for it yet. Also not utilities because they charge a $5 fee. So I pay for my streaming services (formerly had cable), cell phone service, food, personal care items, restaurants, vacation and travel expenses, even charitable giving with my rewards cards. Those are expenses I'd have to pay whether I had a rewards card or not. Of course anyone who says "well I'm only going to use the card for this" and omit everything else it could be used for is not going to see the full benefits! And as my cousin used to say "a-yun is better than nay-un" $25 a year is better than $0 I think.

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    this is the normal reaction you get from some who try to justify to themselves the fact that others are getting something they are not. you see it all the time in investing topics as well . their rational for not doing something is usually flawed or because it does not apply to them others are wasting their time doing it . just nonsense . this required book keeping nonsense is about as silly as it gets,. it is called believing your own bull-sh%t

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