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The parrot.

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    The parrot.

    A woman walked into a pet shop one morning and saw a large beautiful parrot with a price tag of only $50.00....."why so little ?" she asked the pet shop owner.

    The gentleman explained that the parrot had resided in a brothel it's entire life and could sometimes be somewhat vulgar and foul mouthed.

    The lady thought about his response but decided to purchase the parrot any way then took the bird home and hung the cage in the living room and waited for the parrot to say something.

    The parrot looked around and then to the lady and said, "new house, new madam".

    The lady was a bit shocked at the implication but then thought, 'that's not so bad'.

    Later her two daughters arrived home from school and the parrot said, "new house, new madam, new girls".

    The lady and her daughters were a bit offended but took into consideration of where the parrot had spent most of it's life and just laughed.

    A few hours later the woman's husband arrived home from work and the parrot said, "Hi Fred !".
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    LOL Ike

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