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in with the older new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toorbulite View Post
    And yet another first-timer .....
    Geriatric male from a small fishing village in sunny Queensland Australia says "G'day (mates) "!
    Welcome TB from sunny Southern California!

    Quote Originally Posted by bingo View Post
    that was my meaningful and descriptive title as the instructions requested...
    i'm 63 yrs old...
    my husband and i are transplants in southeast illinois
    farm country....
    lived in central NC almost 30 years til retirement....

    so glad to find a decent forum...
    hey all!
    Nice to meet you, Bingo. Glad to have you join us!

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    4,431'll fit in nicely here. Have fun!

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    welcome from georgia -toorbulite

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    Welcome. Taken a walk-about in the bush lately?

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