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    This afternoon,went to see movie'Adrift' which is an incredible,true story about what happened to Tami Oldham back in 1983. She was 23 at the time,working in Tahiti at a local marina. She meets and falls in love with British guy,Richard Sharp who had sailed his boat half way around the world. He gets an offer from his friends to sail their boat from Tahiti-San Diego in exchange for 2 free tickets. They leave and within a week ,a devastating hurricane struck. The movie swings from flashbacks how the couple met to the action on the boat.
    I really enjoyed this movie which stars Shailene Woodley 'Tami',Sam Clafin'Richard',wonderful chemistry between the 2 leads. The cast filmed for 15 days in the ocean off Fiji on the boat. The rest was done on a movie set,could tell CGI was used,'Computer Generated Images". The cinematography was beautiful,at times you feel like you're right there with them. It was amazing what Tami went thru to survive 41 days drifting alone in the ocean
    The movie is based on Tami's book'"Red Sky in Mourning:A True Story of Love,Loss and Survival at Sea" Sue
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    I saw the trailer for the upcoming film, wife said we gotta go see it.

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    OMG! Thank you so much. I first saw a documentary about that on some TV station years ago. And I read and still have the book "Red Sky In Mourning--A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea" by Tami Oldham Ashcraft with Susea McGrearhart. I kept looking for the documentary but could never find it. And now there's a movie? Wow, I will find that movie. The way it's described is a bit different from the real story, which was they bought a boat from a couple from whatever island they had pulled into port.

    I would really recommend the book. Amazing, amazing story. Gives me chills.
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    Sounds like a good one. Must see it.

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