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Jerry Mathers birthday

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    Jerry Mathers birthday

    Actor,Jerry Mathers is 70 today
    If the name rings a bell,he played younger son,'Theodore,'The Beav' in classic TV show,'Leave It to Beaver' '57-'63. One my favorite shows from my childhood. He and his older brother,'Wally',Tony Dow lived with their middle class parents," Ward"{late Hugh Beaumont d '82},"June' {late Barbara Billingsley d '10} Cleaver. The show focused on the life of the family esp thru the eyes of "Beav'. Jerry was 8 when he started the show
    He joined the Air Force Reserve while he was in high school,a false rumor started in 1969,he had died in Vietnam
    In 2007,he made his Broadway debut playing'Wilbur Turnbald' in musical'Hairspray'

    Jerry has said in interviews he had a wonderful relationship with his TV mom,Barbara Billingsley,she was 'close friend and mentor'. He has stay in contact with Tony Dow and Ken Osmond'Eddie Haskell".OMG! they are now in their 70's Sue
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    Near Mount Pilot

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    I would like to have a little talk with "The Beaver!"

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