Actor,Paul Giamatti is 51 today.
His best known TV roles are:

"John Adams' HBO mini series'08
"Harold Levinson' Downton Abbey'13,he played Cora Crawley's{Eliz.McGovern} brother
"Chuck Rhoades' Billions' '16-'18
I've always like him ,haven't seen all of his movies,a couple favorites:
"Cinderella Man' 05-he played Russell Crowe's manager
"Love&Mercy' '14-bio pic about Beach Boy,Brian Wilson,he played "Dr Eugene Landy' Wilson's controlling doctor
"San Andreas'15
In '08,he won Best Actor Emmy for playing" John Adams"
HIs late father,Bart was Major League Baseball's Commissoner in '89,sadly for only 5 months,when he died of a heart attack at age 51