This afternoon, my 'movie buddy',Alexei and I saw new movie,"Oceans 8" which features an all star woman cast.
The storyline, Debbie Ocean{played by Sandra Bullock} who has just been released from prison after 5 yrs, has come up with a ingenious plan to steal a $150 million necklace at the annual Met Gala in NYC. She recruits her friend"Lou" {played by Cate Blanchett} to get other people involved in this heist. The other ladies are:
Helen Bodham Carter,Rhianna,Mindy Kaling,Sarah Paulson Anne Hathaway. James Corden plays the insurance investigator
There are many cameos of famous people who usually attend the gala e.g model,Heidi Klum,Kim Kardashian,Marlo Thomas,Anne Withour who is the editor of Vogue Magazine.
We enjoyed the movie,the cast was great,some very clever funny scenes.The main reason I wanted to see this,I'm a Sandra Bullock fan Sue