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Any Stories on Celebrex Usage?

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    Any Stories on Celebrex Usage?

    I've thought of it off and on but never went on it, for a couple reasons, the cost and the potential side effects from the drug prescribed for Arthritis.

    Anyone any experience with it.

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    My husband used it and had all kinds of problems with it and quit taking it. I sure won't ever use it. I thought I read they had taken it off the market, but maybe that was bextra, a similar drug made by the same company. I have read that the celebrex substantially increases heart attack and stroke risk and even though I have significant arthritis pain, I just don't see any sensible reason to trade arthritis pain for a heart attack or, God forbid, a stroke.

    He had GI issues with it, and just all kinds of what he described as "weird scary feelings" (physical sensations).

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    My "gut" told me not to pursue's sister drug was Vioxx that was taken off the market not long after it appeared on the market. Thanks for the comments.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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