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IHOPs slow-roll IHOb reveal its about burgers!

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    IHOPs slow-roll IHOb reveal its about burgers!

    heralds new age of PR stunts

    Published: June 11, 2018 5:35 p.m. ET

    Hamburger chain Sonic, meanwhile, has people talking about a pickle-juice-flavored beverage; Domino’s is filling potholes.



    IHOP is probably getting exactly what it wanted when it decided to change the name of the pancake chain to IHOb to celebrate its launch of a new line of burgers: a stint atop the Twitter trending list.

    IHOP teased its launch of a new line of burgers with a temporary company-name change On Monday, the company revealed that the “b” stands for “burgers,” with the switch to IHOb meant to inject drama in its launch of the Ultimate Steakburgers lineup. The seven burgers include the Big Brunch, a burger with hickory-smoked bacon and a fried egg, and the Cowboy BBQ, with crispy onion rings and barbecue sauce.

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    I've only been there once years ago and didn't even realize they sold more than breakfast items ! LOL
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    It's because of the IHOp to b change I just learned that Burger King now sells quarter pounders. Fascinatingly bewildering!!
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    I stopped in one the other day for breakfast.....first thing the kid seating me said was that they have a new "burger-menu" and that he would bring one over?...It was 8:30am I said thanks but?...........

    I noticed as well that they had a 'card' on the table hawking their grilled salmon & [sides] so maybe they are trying to become more than just a 'breakfast' the name implies.

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    I thought sure it would be International House of Breakfast.
    Better choice in my opinion. The burgers look to be about 3000 calories a piece.

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    Stellar idea, IHOP. Mess with six decades worth of carefully tended marketing and branding. Your marketing team won't live to regret it. After all what North America really needs is another chain restaurant offering hamburgers. Let's fill that vast void, shall we?

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    I will stick with the pancakes and warm syrup. Will stay with McDonalds fresh quarter pounders as long as the promotion lasts. It makes 2 meals for me. No pickle juice drinks from Sonics and no Dominos as Papa Johns is my pizza place choice. I stick to my favorites!

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