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My hubby having his surgery today

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    Good news, Marie. Please keep us posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie5656 View Post
    Thanks for the good wishes. I am home now, and am very tired. A 12 hour day in the hospital is tiring. I spent time with Rick in his room, and he was better off than I thought. Some pain where they did incisions, but that is it. Doctors order was that he walk starting today. He did walk once before I got to the room. They got him off stretcher in hallway, and had him walk into the room. About 10 feet. Using a walker of course. Doctor wants him out of bed, walking three times a day while he is in.
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    Hope he has a speedy recovery....

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    Keep us updated on his recovery.

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    Just got home from the hospital. He was kind of uncomfortable today, and more tired than he was yesterday. SO I did not stay long. They had him up walking a couple of times, plus he went to PT. Doctor was not messing around when he said he needed to be moving around right away. But the nurse did tell him yesterday that from her experience, based on other patients with similar surgery, today was going to be an uncomfortable one for him and to not be afraid to ask for pain meds. I know from when I was in the hospital, the nurses cannot MAKE you take pain meds, but they can strongly encourage it. Luckily Rick likes this particular nurse (he thinks she is cute, LOL) so I think he will listen
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    Thanks for the update Marie, I'm sure he's uncomfortable to say the least. Hopefully he'll take any needed meds for the pain and I hope it subsides soon, hugs for both of you.

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