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Hi Gang

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Jim View Post
    I have been asked to tell what happened so I'll bore you with this. I went to the Dr. Fri 6/22 and he examined me and do to the trouble I was having breathing he said "I'm worried about you Jim, you need to be in the hospital. He said you won't need to do anything to go, I'll take care of all the detail." I said I would not go but I would sleep on it. I went home. That night I woke around 3AM and needed to go to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and before I could even think I slid off the edge of the bed to my knees, that momentum hurled my head onto the hardwood floor (built on concrete). I didn't pass out but even in the little nightlite I could see a large blood pool beginning to take shape helped by the fact I was on blood thinners. My wife came into the room but was so shocked she didn't know what next. I called 911. Paramedics arrived within minutes and stopped bleeding and called in their ambulance. Off to the hospital, many tests. The breathing problem solution needed was a surgery to pull massive blood on the outside of the lungs pushing enough that the lungs could not expand. They inserted a special needle into my back and removed over a quart of fluid (built up over years the believe). You could not believe the difference. I went from 5 liters of oxygen which w2as only relieving my breathing a little down to 2 liters which yielded 98% oxygen. I could breath so easy I couldn't believe it. I spent a couple more days in the hospital and came home thanks to a wonderful neighbor (Wife no longer drives). Now I am using oxygen halftime days as needed but none at night. Feeling much better than I have in years. I have called my doctor and asked if he asked for help in getting into the hospital? I thanked him!! I thank you guys as well, bless you gang!!
    Wow, miraculous! So pleased for you. Rest up, and keep us informed of your situation. ❤️
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    What a great outcome, Jim! Sorry you had to fall and go to the hospital, but what a positive result. So glad you're feeling better.

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    Oh my goodness, what a miraculous albeit hurtful way to get well! You must have been so scared and sorry for that. How nice it must be for you to breathe again!

    I haven't always agreed with your politics, Jim, but sometimes admired your way with words and came to know you as a friend. I wish you a speedy recovery and many, many good years ahead for you and your wife!

    Edit to say, PS I've heard that laughing and singing are both helpful for the lungs as well as the digestion. So, laugh much and sing out!

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    Good to hear that the old lungs are doing their job again. Next time though, see if you can find a way to get some breathing relief without banging your head on the floor!!

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    Hi Jim,,thanks for letting us know how it all happen,thrilled you are able to breathe much better,your wife has to be as happy as you are. Take care Sue
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    Amazing story, Jim! You sound so happy, you've brightened everyone's day.

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    Glad you are feeling much better Jim.
    Take good care of yourself.

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