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Weslo Recumbent Exercise Bike, Just Bought One

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    Weslo Recumbent Exercise Bike, Just Bought One

    Just bought one of these recumbent exercise bikes for my husband, he has some issues with old injuries to leg/hip muscles. I'll also jump on it now and then for cardio and weight loss. Paid $139 at a local sporting goods store, Walmart had them for $150.

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    SeaBreeze,back in 2004 after I had my parital right knee surgery,I bought an exercise fan bike a couple weeks after coming home from rehab.
    I would use it every other day to strengthen my knee,my arms would get a workout too in the process.
    I got rid of it about 5 yrs ago because I no longer used it,the pedals were falling apart,the seat became uncomfortable.,I recommend them to anybody who has had knee surgery,its better than a treadmill,that's the worst machine for your knees Sue
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    I have an exercise bike but it's not the recumbent type. Not many miles on it, either.

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    That's great SeaBreeze! My son bought me a treadmill a few years back but I would have much preferred a bike like that. I didn't know they were that reasonable. I might get one. Maybe it will help my knee.

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