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Poems from down under

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    thanks Olivia - had given some thoughts to publishing - I know it's much easier these days.

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    here's another about a dear friend - we trained together in our youth and he helped me re-integrate into oz - his father used to write gags for Morecombe and Wise. He died from severe alcoholism in the end but I loved him!

    The Laugh Still Lingers On

    The first time that I met you
    You impressed me with your smile
    It started off your laughter
    That still echoes in my mind

    But it wasn’t just the laughter
    Nor the smile that held my gaze
    It was the sparkle in your eyes
    That said “these may be crazy days”

    Your laughing gaze could penetrate
    The coldest of our stares
    And you challenged us to see the fun
    Hinting “he will win who dares”

    Just for that briefest moment
    Before commitment comes
    You shared ‘genetic humor’
    From the father to the son

    And then you’d gone; departed
    Marriage, family, kids and wife
    Perhaps your dreams got buried
    In the career, mortgage, life?

    The next time that I saw your smile
    Some ten years down the track
    It looked the same; just aged a bit
    Wrinkled, waned and waxed

    The laughter still hung in the air
    Punctured with a cough
    But heh! That twinkled eye was there
    You could still pull it off

    I can’t tell when the fire burnt out
    It must have been one spring
    The twinkle in the eyes grown dull
    But the laughter still could sing

    I put it down to just old age
    It catches up with all
    What I hadn’t realized this time
    Was you’d given it your all

    The show goes on; the lights must burn
    Regardless of the soul
    We watched your lights keep shining
    Even though your heart was cold

    Who knows when we’ve had enough
    It’s just hard to say goodbye
    Especially when your master card
    Was that twinkle in your eye

    We stood around your grave that day
    Confused, withdrawn and mad
    You’d smiled and grinned and laughed a lot
    But we’d never seen you sad

    They say that memories fade with time
    Well maybe yours; but sure not mine
    When people say your name out loud
    I see your face in any crowd

    You may have left this mortal coil
    But you’ve left some remnants of your toil
    A laugh from generations down
    Can still be heard when guards are down

    From father, Son and Holy Ghost
    The laughter echoes through our hosts
    You still are missed at special times
    I hope you smile and laugh sometimes.

    © gumbud
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    For Us old Sages

    I must have reached the biblical score
    When she walked through that sparkling door
    She looked and smiled and I smiled back
    It was then I knew I had been ‘hacked’

    She asked me if we’d met before
    And I fell hook, line, sinker on the floor
    I offered her champagne on ice
    With tears she said ‘ you’re very nice’

    The room just vanished in a haze
    I’d become a man half crazed – half crazed
    We talked of places we’d both seen
    Yet had never met through lovers screen

    We lightly dined and talked so briefly
    And then she said so very neatly
    ‘I think it’s time to talk some more
    Perhaps behind a firm closed door?’

    I gulped and thought this can’t be true
    As we stepped in the ‘rising box’
    She gently nuzzled up real close
    And I could hear the ‘time bomb’ clock

    The key seemed to appear as from nowhere
    And it wasn’t in my hand for sure
    There was a rose scented glow that built up from real slow
    And I knew that I was through heavens door

    She beckoned me sit on the chaise lounge
    As she poured out more champagne on ice
    Then she pushed me real slow and I went with the flow
    And lay back thinking this could be nice!

    I must have closed both my eyes for a minute
    But it seemed hours had passed
    When I came to I was nude and felt that was plain rude
    To continue without being asked!

    But as she hovered around and behind me
    Her eyes had a way of making small talk
    Then she said time for bed, and like a lamb I was led
    To the slaughter I was religiously brought
    I lay on the bed like the 'bismark'
    all sails had been fully unfurled
    as I prepared to up anchor, she said " oh what a w....r"
    and flew atop of me with an 'albatross whirl'

    I confess I have tried many positions
    but never an 'albatross whirl'
    her arms turned to wings-I could hear angels sing
    as she nibbled my neck - what a girl

    she purred "be still my darling -I'll fix you"
    soon get back the wind in ya sails
    I must truly confess I was not feeling my best
    and my reasoning power had failed

    and then if struck by some lightning
    a thunderbolt pursed through my veins
    my eyeballs did spin - I felt like 'heavenly sin'
    I thought is this pleasure or pain?

    I closed up my eyes in exhaustion
    it seemed for a minute or two
    but when I awoke the morning had broke
    and the 'albatross' flown the coup

    © gumbud

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    Properly Poorly

    I went to see the doctor
    He only had bad news
    Said me heart had lost some sparkplugs
    And me head had lost some screws!

    I said ‘well me legs have gawn all wobbly’
    What do you make of that?
    He asked ‘can ya wobbly in bare feet
    Or do ya have the shoes attached?

    I said me waters running funny
    Sporadic and in spurts
    So he squeezed me balls real tightly
    And asked ‘tell me where it hurts’

    Well me eyes had started running
    And he said ‘it’s ya lacrimal ducts;
    They’ve seized up behind ya eyeballs
    Has ya reading all been fooked?’

    By this time I was fuming
    And I swung me birchwood stick
    It missed his head by inches
    And he nearly had a fit

    Well what do you expect I said
    You abused the patient trust
    You’ve conducted me examination
    In front of six of us

    In front of six of you he said
    Miss Birch what have you done
    These are not my own bifocals
    They’re my dark ones for the sun

    Give Gumbud a small discharge
    For any pain he felt
    This man has been disgraced enough
    And unfair hand been dealt

    He’ll never hold his head up high
    With C 1and 2 removed
    And please remove the thumb screws
    So he can lace up his own shoes

    Goodbye Dear Gumbud
    it’s really been so nice
    To hear you’re feeling fine today
    Let’s put it all on ice!

    © gumbud

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    Dave, you are really good. You have an amazing mind.
    Sing, sing a song. Make it simple to last your whole life long - The Carpenters

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    my avatar name on another forum was "mindbender" - people use to accuse me of bending their minds but my reply was "NO I just helped you to change it!"

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    here's something I used to see a lot of once!

    A Lonely Valentine

    I used to visit once a week
    From "community friends who care"
    they said that her need for love
    was as longing as her stare

    so I just sat and chatted
    as she looked through wooded gloom
    she seemed to be oblivious
    of the din around her room

    I told her of my childhood
    my loves and lost ones too
    what the world was up to
    and how the years just flew

    then one week out of the blue
    I mentioned Valentine
    Said 'I wonder how I'll do this year'?
    just to pass the time

    the muscles in her cheeks grew taut
    and her eyes closed narrower still
    "I've never had a valentine-
    And guess I never will"

    the words hung in the moment
    and the silence deafened me
    I think I fumbled some response
    and took my leave to flee

    I thought about those words all night
    they burrowed in my head
    a lost soul had just cried out
    and all I'd done was fled

    my visits ceased for several weeks
    as I went about my life
    and then one frosty snow clad day
    I returned, my step was light

    as I entered through the hall that day
    I was called aside to hear
    'your lady passed away last night -
    no pain - no longer cared'

    I walked across to where she'd sat
    a card lay on the ground
    I picked it up and read the verse
    it spoke of loves lost and found

    but underneath in shaky hand
    a message had been left
    you always were my valentine
    and always were the best!

    © gumbud

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