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Amazon Prime, great TV entertainment

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    Amazon Prime, great TV entertainment

    Does anybody else get this streaming channel? Lately, I've been so caught up in Prime's series and feature films that I don't even have time to watch Netflix or HBO.

    The ones I'm currently watching are Downton Abbey (for the third time), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (surreal when alternating that with Downton), and The Americans. I plan to try a few others when those three are finished. They also have some pretty good movies. Last night I saw Lady Bird.

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    I just finished watching A Very English Scandal. Nice and short 3 part mini series based on a true story of an English politician up for a murder trial in the '70's. Hugh Grant was very good in it.

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    I cut the cable and stream everything now. Prime movies are very good.
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    We went from cable to satellite (DirecTV), and that was kind of like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, as the old saying goes. As soon as we could get out of that contract, we did, and paid the cancellation fee. The first year were special promotional prices, and then the second year, everything skyrocketed, even though we only had the most basic plan available.
    Now, we have a small antenna that brings in everything that is local for us, and anything else comes over the internet.
    My husband was getting tired of all of the foreign films that were non-English speaking that are on Netflix; so we just cancelled that last month, and now we use Amazon Prime Videos exclusively.
    We are always ordering from Amazon anyway, plus I get all of the free books with Prime Reading, so it is well worth the cost of Prime for us.
    I seldom watch television, but i do love to read, and the Prime Reading has so many books, and new ones all of the time, plus magazines; so for me that is an awesome feature of Amazon.
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    We have it and love it. There is plenty of interest for both of us, even though our tastes are different. We added HBO to it, and dropped Netflix, and we are happy with that decision. My husband got me interested in watching the series Bosch on Prime. I am into the 4th season now and am enjoying it.
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