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The benefit of using smartphone apps to track your health and fitness.

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    The benefit of using smartphone apps to track your health and fitness.

    I think that it is important for us, especially as seniors, to monitor our health as much as we can, and I have found that using my iPhone and health apps really helps me to do this.
    Of course, the most important thing is for us to do our best to take care of our health, exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and all of that kind of stuff.
    However, I find that when I am keeping records of this and can look at the overall picture each day, it really helps me to keep on track, and I wanted to share some of the health apps that I have found to be useful for this.

    The main app that connects everything together is the Health app. It comes already installed on all iPhones, so it might only be an Apple product; but probably other systems have a similar app. Most of the other apps will sync with the Health app, so you can have the overall information all in one place.
    My Apple Watch tracks all of my exercise, including swimming, as well as keeping a constant monitor of my heart rate.

    Carbmanager is the app that I use to track my food intake, and it is very easy to use (I like it much better than My Fitness Pal), and it shows me all of the nutritional components of each food that I eat, as well as tracking water intake.

    Sleepmatic , combined with the Apple Watch, tracks my sleep patterns, so I can tell if I am resting well or not.

    Heart Star is a blood pressure app. Although it does not check your BP itself, it does sync with many BP monitors, or you can add the readings manually. Since the BP cuff that I have does not sync with anything, I add the measurements in manually at this point.

    My Apple Watch constantly monitors my pulse rate, but there is also a phone app called Cardiio that will check your heart rate using the camera and flashlight from your phone.

    There are a lot of other health apps that would fit for special health needs, like for diabetics, so it canít hurt to look though some of the available apps to see which ones meet your need for health monitoring.
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    I don't need any of the tech to track my health issues. I know my body, it's the best technology I could ever have. I know when I don't get good sleep. Body is Smart.

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