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First day of retirement but why do I still have a knot in my stomach like I was still working?

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    Think about what you wrote in your post for this thread.

    a problem or an alert that the network was down, a warehouse broken into or a surprise audit.

    Being a responsible problem solver for most of your life doesn't magically go away overnight. There is a realization that what you used to do was important, now it isn't FOR YOU. The reality is someone else will step in and may have difficulty at 1st. but like you became the go to guy. So your new responsiblity is to learn how to relax, forget work & enjoy this phase of your life.

    A good beginning.
    "I helped my wife around the house and made her happy."

    The secret to a happy retirement if married is to do what you just did.

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    It's an adjustment for sure. But think about the positive aspects...nothing to have to feel responsible for, especially when things go wrong. No fighting traffic or beating deadlines (if you had them). Find something you really enjoy doing and DO IT. The main thing is to keep active the best way you can and not be sitting around the house all the time. Tony suggest "get out of dodge"..That might not be such a bad idea. Go on vacation and take a crash course in relaxation while you're there.

    I visited my office several times during the first few months I was retired. I had an "excuse". I sold aromatherapy products on the side and had customers at work. But I'd go into my office (there were several departments/offices in the building) and chat with my former work family. I went less and less and finally "weaned" myself off of doing it. BUT I was ecstatic to be retired. I had planned it for about 2 years and couldn't wait. In fact, I retired a year ahead of schedule. Not having to get up and go to work was a dream come true. I used to be so not a morning person. I hope you can take the good elements of being a retiree and enjoy it. Congratulations!

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    Vinny, what you're feeling is completely normal. I eventually realised that I needed 3 things to make me happy - challenges to keep my brain active (hobby or business related puzzle to solve), giving back (to folks who need help in your community) and plain old fun (with friends, family, ...). Sometimes I can combine 2 or more together but if I'm missing any of them I don't feel right.

    As many of the wise folks on this thread have already said, it will take time - but you will discover a new world as another chapter of your life unfolds.

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    Hi Vinny,getting into a new routine will help,but its going to take your body awhile,wait and see
    It took me 6-8 months not to get up at 5:30a the 3 days I had to be at work.Once I got adjusted to sleeping in ,I was a 'happy camper' still am after 7 yrs
    I used to walk 8 blocks to work,when we had our 1st snowfall in '12{I retired in March '11},that's when it really hit me, I didn't have to walk in the dark on unshoveled sidewalks to get there. Enjoy your retirement Sue
    Walkers Take It All In Strides

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    Sue - you are spot on with the routine - especially one that includes healthy elements such as a reasonable diet, some exercise and a good night's sleep. That makes a nice launch pad for all the stuff you'll now have time for. Mark

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