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I was told off the record by a medical professional giving a first aid class onetime that ONE beer only could be used to help hydrate if there was absolutely nothing else around to drink. ONE, uno, 1 and that's as a last resort. As noted alcohol is a diuretic as is alot of caffeine. I like the idea that maybe a little lemon or lime just in a glass of ice water. Or a slice of lemon like many diners and restaurants do. Or just a squirt or 1/2 tea spoon of concentrated juice should be enough for flavor. Use the ice water/sweating glass for subliminal influence or suggestion.
Well I just usually have one beer a day. And I am on pills for prostate problems so they are diuretic as well.

I'm not going to worry about it at my age. I'm just going to enjoy life to the fullest.

I really don't care what the experts have to say about it.

And. I worked on my summer vacation on construction outdoors.

They used to leave a hose running all day and we would drink from the hose.

The worst thing we could have done. We got sick because a hose outside in the heat is a breeding ground for bacteria.

So drinking water depends on the source.

On a side note. In England. The disease was cholera. It was assumed it came from the air.

There was one gentleman who constructed a map of where the deaths took place.

Amazingly one area that was devoid of deaths was a brewery. The workers drank beer. The alcohol content killed the germs.

He determined that cholera came from the water and not from the air. And that's how chlorinated water was born and without it you could not have public swimming pools.

And on his own he decided to add chlorine to the public water supply without going through channels.

It's a fascinating story.