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My step-daughter has, unfortunately, inherited her weight and she's struggled with it for many years. She's 44 now and her current diet is the Keto diet. She's lost 11 pounds in about a month and she's got the incentive to keep going. I applaud her but I'm also concerned that not eating any carbs may not be good either. She doesn't have any health issues (thank God) and there isn't any diabetes in her family. I read recently that the Keto diet is a good diet but it's very complex and hard for people to stay on it.

Anyone have any other information on it?
There are levels of the Keto diet, last I saw my doctor, I told him I was checking out a book from library on it, he said great, gave me the thumbs up. I received notice the book is ready for pick up at my library, I probably won't get over there till next week Tuesday. But, I personally wouldn't ever go to the extreme long term of restricting carbs but for so long. I know first week or two of the one I usually do I it's 20 net carbs after that you raise the level of carbs allowed. All I know is I'm allowed as much bacon as I want, so I'm good with the first two weeks of eating that way. But I really don't care for a lot of red meat so Shrimp, fish will fill my plate often, plus I love veggies.

This gives you a visual of what keto looks like


For those trying to control blood sugar interesting article.