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Tom Hanks birthday

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    Tom Hanks birthday

    Another favorite movie actor I've liked for years,Tom Hanks is 62 today
    When his career was just starting,he co-starred with Peter Scolari in ABC sitcom'Bosom Buddies''80-'84. They worked at an ad agency,lost their apt in a fire.A female co-worker suggested they come live in her apt building,which was all female. They had to dress in drag so nobody would find out
    As with all good actors,they appear in some terrible movies through out their career,Tom has been in a few e.g.'JOe vs.the Volcano,'Turner&Hooch,'The Burbs','The Money Pit' I've seen most of his movies,these are my favorites:
    "Big' '88

    "A League of Their Own' '92
    'Philadelphia' '93
    'Forrest Gump' 94
    'Saving Private Ryan' 98
    "Toy Story' movies '95-'10,he voices 'Woody' the cowboy
    "Capt Phillips'13
    He has 2 Oscars for Best Actor for Philadelphia,Forrest Gump.He's only the 2nd actor to win back to back Oscars. Spencer Tracy was the 1st
    Tom has won 6 Emmys as a co-exec producer for these shows/mini series:
    "From The Earth to The Moon' '98
    "Band of Brothers' '01
    "John Adams'08
    "The Pacific' '10
    "Game Change'12
    "Olive Ketteridge' 14
    In 1992,he received his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
    in 2002,he received AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award
    Walkers Take It All In Strides

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    Happy Birthday, Tom!

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    One of my favorite actors!!

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    Happy Birthday, Buffy!

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    The first time I saw "Bosom Buddies" I knew that he was going to move onto greater things. His talent was so much bigger than the vehicle. Same with Robin Williams. One guest shot on "Happy Days" and people phoned and wrote Garry Marshall with pleas to bring him back.

    Love Tom Hanks.
    Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln

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    I kinda sorta hate myself for laughing at this, but it's funny.
    Few can get away with doing a skit like this -Tom Hanks is one of the few.

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