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Any ideas on a bar code reading app for a smart phone?

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    Any ideas on a bar code reading app for a smart phone?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a bar code reading app for a smart phone? I've seen people go to into stores and scan stuff just like a store employee/equipment can. It's not just merchandise I'd like to check some of the mail I'm getting as well.

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    Yes you can download a bar code reader to your smart phone.

    Depending on your android or i phone.

    Go into the app feature.

    I haven't done it yet but I'm thinking of it.

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    Just search for bar code reader wherever you go on your smartphone to find apps. Most are free. Lots of them out there.
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    A lot of the people scanning in grocery stores are using Weight Watchers or other weight loss/nutrition apps. Easy way to track stuff to see if it will fit into your diet.

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    Go to the support forum for your phone, WhatInThe, and
    ask them which is the best.

    They are all good at reading the bar codes, but some are
    vehicles for adverts.

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