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Metal detector anyone?

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    Metal detector anyone?

    I use to have one but never had much luck with it. Pieces of metal, bottle caps and the usual junk.
    Anyone here ever found anything of value?

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    We have one, but I have not used it very much. My daughter loves to go out with her metal detector, although I don’t think that she has found much of anything that was worth the time it took her to dig it out of the ground.
    When I was growing up, my mom had an interesting device that had a purple light, ultraviolet, and it would pick up minerals in rocks, and change color.
    We used to go camping a lot, and at night my mom and I would go out prowling around with the little ultraviolet light and find rocks that would fluoresce pink, green, or some other color. It was amazing how what looked like just a plain grey rock could have so many different minerals and change color in the purple light.
    If I had one of those, I think that I would enjoy using it, and finding the fluorescent rocks, even though I have no idea what I would do with one after I found it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
    I use to have one but never had much luck with it. Pieces of metal, bottle caps and the usual junk.
    Anyone here ever found anything of value?
    the corner stakes to our properties
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary O' View Post
    the corner stakes to our properties
    Thats useful and of value.
    Last year we had to find ours and discovered we had an extra 12 feet at the back of our property.( but without the use of a metal detector)

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    Netflix has a series of gold hunters in Australia using detectors to find nuggets..Yery interesting series..

    My daughter was picking up rocks around her property (no detector) and found a Rolex Watch, jeweler said it was from the 50's and gave her a $1,000 for it!!

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