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varicose vein treatments injections etc...anyone have experience good or bad..thanks

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    I don't know if you looked at the grape seed ex info and venous insufficiency but the spider veins on my knee areas are very faint...and I've had them for maybe 30 yrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paxtonstafford View Post
    No--still trying to assess my need etc.--was bothering me-- but applying "dermend" and taking collagen supplements and very much improved to point that I am really impressed. Since thinning of the skin is a major contributor it seems. Meanwhile my vein clinic uses cardiologists to do it instead of vascular surgeons? ---so, trying to flush that! "why"? This appears to be a major vein to me not knowing much about it but inside of knee just above and across the knee ..seems like it might be a major deal and have some thing to do with my femoral artery...(don't know and not sure I want to...squimeeish)

    For some reason --I hate this gory stuff) to me, also seems consultation- then wear support for three monthes then do the deed...

    The idea of killing a major blood supply in my leg is pretty unappealing to me --not sure how that cannot have dire conseqences...--

    But thank you I will for sure research your suggestion along with all other info from Dr. Internet--aside the from the 90% crap Dr. Internet puts out ...(similar to regular Dr.'s) You can find the correct info, if persistent and committed-Thank you very much- it is incredibly appreciated by me....
    I've never heard of cardiologists doing this stuff-- here it is always a vascular surgeon. It makes no sense that cardiologists are doing this -- first off, most cardiologists are not surgeons anyway; maybe these guys are cardiovascular surgeons?

    Are you considering doing this because of the appearance of the veins? I woudn't have bothered if I had been only concerned about that. Mine were painful and in danger of clots forming, which can break loose and travel to the lungs or brain, both of which are frequently fatal.

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    st lukes hospital in kansas city huge-- many facilties- them and kansas university med center best in the region.---so don't know? look em up lukes on the plaza vein clinic..

    mine starting to be mildly like you..were painful and in danger of clots forming, which can break loose and travel to the lungs or brain, both of which are frequently fatal.

    want to fix em if that is the foolproof remedy-
    thank you very much for the info...seems like the lazer might be for smaller cosmetic stuff but have not researched it completly yet but will....thanks again-

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