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Evidence of the Afterlife - Scientific Research

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    Oh ok. So let me get this right. There is such minimal brain activity that it doesn’t show up accurately on clinical tests yet the deceased patients have 100% accuracy on information given?

    Something clearly doesn’t add up.
    What 100% accuracy on what "information given?"

    Let's all step back and take a long, hard look at this question. Our news media are frantically plunging into every little thing that takes place, trying to outscoop each other. Anything the slightest bit exciting, scary, newsworthy, etc. gets into the news immediately. It's all over the Internet, on every TV channel, and in the newspapers.

    Now. do you really believe that dead people are coming back to life, they are really, truly dead until suddenly, they aren't any more, and we haven't heard the slightest squeak from the media about it? Just on a common
    sense level, really?

    Today's Washington Post had a huge 2-page spread detailing the suffering of one of those kids who got shot in Parkland last year. He got a bad injury in his foot. This was considered newsworthy. But somehow, all these
    dead people who had perfect, 100% consciousness while they were dead, have returned to life, and not a syllable about it in the paper?

    Think about it.

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    Wait for Walt Disney to thaw out. He will explain what there is after life but you will need to go to a theater to find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny View Post
    The fact that doctors can't detect brain activity doesn't mean that the brain has died. It just means that the medical tests are not sensitive enough to detect the activity that still goes on, though at a very minimal level.
    Sorry to rain on the parades of some here, but the fact is, dead is dead. People who appear to come back to life have not been dead, they have been in a near-death state.

    Elsie, in 3 ads for 3 different westerns, 3 of the main characters in EACH say, "Dead is dead?" That sounds kind of dubious to me. Can you name the westerns? Just curious.
    The ads were short, each from a leading character saying it, and taken from a scene in their particular show. One western might have been "Laramie". I don't remember which westerns. Obviously these 'tough' men must have said it after someone got shot to death.

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