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I agree completely. I had experienced severe arthritis pain in hips knees and back since 2015 and walked with a limp since the left hip pain was so extreme. This June 2018 I started Atkins I wanted to lose a few pounds. Atkins is severely carbohydrate restricted. Within two weeks of starting I was completely pain free and no longer limping. I always knew the connection between simple carbs and inflammation but never took any action.

I am so grateful to be pain and limp free NOTHING could induce me to at a simple carbs. I look at my former friends, pastry of all kinds and any chip or cracker, and I see the PAIN in my mind.
It's true, I've removed those carbs from the body but I do cheat when I'm out a bit...Like today, I may have a reuben sandwich. I'll see once I sit down and look at menu.