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DIY TV Shows

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    DIY TV Shows

    My current rant: since when, and who decided that, gray or black are suitable main colors in home decor?

    For a federal prison, maybe.

    Full disclosure - We watch far too many DIY "Reality" shows.

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    It's weird now. Oak and walnut and mahogany cabinets are out now for remodelling .

    Artificial wood and white are in. Just helped with painting trim on a remodel. I wonder what it will look like in ten years.

    All black cabinets as well. But it's their choice not mine.

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    Black furniture went out of style here about 20 years ago... now the most popular colour is Taupe...

    I've just spent the weekend remodelling an old ( not antique) large Dark wood apothecary cabinet. Painted it Taupe to match my sideboard which I bought new last year

    I don't watch DIY shows, so I don't get my ideas from them. Most of the walls and carpets in my home are latte (light coffee shade) ..and the paintwork white... some walls are a very pale lemon in the downstairs . The floor which aren't carpeted are tiled including the hallway and kitchen, and bathrooms .

    This ... hall.jpg

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