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Hearing aids again. Signia brand and costco

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    Hearing aids again. Signia brand and costco

    The audiologist at my ENT doctor recommends Signia, a fairly new brand that formerly was Siemen's.
    $2900. for a mid-level technology, not premium. Expensive, considering I would not use them everyday. My hearing is usually okay,
    cannot hear some television and movies and soft voices. Quiet unsocial lifestyle.

    Anyone have Signia? Any problems?
    Or a low level Costco aid? Like Kirkland. My doctor did not recommend it. Costco is the largest
    seller of hearing aids.
    I am thinking that hearing aid business is a racket, with super profit margins--- and life of product.

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    I will be getting hearing aids sometime before we move. Don't want the real expensive ones, but not the cheapest either.

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    I've had a rather up-and-down experience for the last 3 years with my aids.

    For the most part, I'm glad I have them, (Widex Unique has been good for me, but I'm still not sure if they were worth it)
    I've had new domes placed in them, had them reprogrammed to the tune of $197, and averaged about 8 hr. per day with them.
    I used my Anthem secondary insurance, and TruHearing gave me a fairly good discount.

    The saddest thing is that they are projected to last only 5 to 6 years, so I am half way there --- My Goodness!

    I will keep my eyes open in about 3 more years for the best deal I can get -- they are making progress year by year with more advanced technology.

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    I agree Victor. The hearing aid business is a racket. I don't have profound hearing loss but do need to wear them. I went to an audiologist and bought Oticon hearing aids. They cost $2000.00 each. This is my second set. They only last 4 or 5 years if you are lucky. Next time I'll shop around and try to play one against the other. I'm always hoping Medicare will cover at least something toward them but I doubt it will ever happen. To many of us seniors need them.

    You are suppose to wear them all the time because your brain has to get use to hearing correctly again. I don't. Sometimes I like the muffled sound.With them on some sounds seem so shrill. Also saves on batteries which are free for me for about 2 years. The first pair, batteries were for the life of the aids. They even cut back on that. Because these are not top of the line, when I'm in a group setting I can't tell where the voice is coming from. The top of the line takes care of that.

    Since I don't often find myself in a setting like that I went with the lower grade. Good luck Victor. I hope you find a good pair at a decent price. Just make sure what you buy is actually a hearing aid and not just an amplifier.

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    I have some advice. When asking for hearing aid recommendations don't ask for a place or brand. Ask someone that's happy with their aids WHO they recommend.
    Some brands are better than others I realize. Consumer Reports can help you there but
    hearing aid companies are only as good as the person taking care of you. Hearing aids are only as good as the person programming them.
    It can be a rackett or it can be a well worth the price experience. I mean any price. Hearing aids don't have to be expensive. A recommendation should include YOUR budget not their pocketbook.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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