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The doctors office

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    The doctors office

    Does anyone have a 'do-it-all' doctor ?.....This damn pillar-to-post doc for this, another for that is a pain in the a$$.
    I know it has to do with the Ins folks....really considering going, new doc, out of pocket. Expensive yes, but might be worth it in the long run. As long as access to testing / labs, etc. is still covered? Or those costs are reasonable as well.

    Something I noticed while there. Out of the five nurses I saw...four of them were grossly overweight. I'm saying likely twice what their 'ideal' weight is. Seems really strange for folks working in the medical field? Anyone else see this 'trend'?

    I'm not ogling or judging , I'm just saying it [to a degree] makes me wonder how sound standing medical advise [BMI,diet, exercise,etc] really is? Do they follow it?

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    My BIL's cardiologist weighs over 400 pounds, but still tells people to watch their weight. "Do as I say but not as I do." The fact is, a majority of Americans are overweight.

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    My last doctor, retired now, was over six feet and probably about 300 pounds.
    He said he was happy popping cholesterol pills so he could get away with eating whatever he wanted.

    Not a good role model for health & well being.

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    Oh yeah, big as a house most of the nurses and aids are.....I don't get it either Rpg.....and the way they are always running to and fro on their jobs should do the trick with staying fit and eating cafeteria food thats gotta be more healthy than what alot of americans eat.....and these are the young gals....the older ones seem to be more trim and fit....
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    In answer to the first part of the question, I doubt you can find any doctor that will do it all. I'm thinking of checking out an out of pocket doctor as well. My son in law is a military doctor. He also does work on line. He said business on line is brisk and not to expensive at all. Most people will call for minor problems. Insurance is not accepted and you must have a camera so the doctor can see you as well as you seeing him. All the calls are screened before the doctor takes the call. The doctor must be licensed in the state you are calling from. So far it's working out well for him and the patients he treats. Sometimes even has repeat calls.

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