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How does bringing in two new chairs turn into a major over haul of a room?

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    How does bringing in two new chairs turn into a major over haul of a room?

    As I mentioned in another post my son brought home two beautiful wooden chairs that I didn't need. This meant I needed a small table to place in between them. I'm to old for brand new furniture so I bought a small table that was on it's last legs that I glued and painted.

    2 days ago my son brought in another cute little small table that I fell in love with but now I had to rearrange the entire living room to make it fit. He brings this stuff home from jobs he does in his cabinetry business. People don't want it anymore so he brings it to me. He won't say so, but I think he can't throw it out either.

    This worked until I thought my Grandma's jelly cabinet would look nice in the dining room. I uprooted the hubby several times to help move it. I can't visualize anything. It has to be put in the new spot with doily, lamp and whatever else I want to put on top. This went on all day.

    Hubby was now in the TV room,hidden under an afghan, in the recliner, praying I wouldn't call him again. I don't know what the problem was. I use the nice little things you slide under the furniture. Once in place I can slide the sofa around with one hand. He just had to help me put them under the legs and pick up the jelly cabinet because we have one step down into the living room. The photo shows the pads that make furniture slide easily.

    It is all in place now. I just have to live with it for awhile. The cookbooks I mentioned in another post came out of the jelly cabinet my Grandpa made. He had it in the basement for years. He would turn over in his grave if he knew it was in my dining room. I painted it and put tin squares in the front panels that I had tapped out a design with a hammer and nail. Time will tell.

    Can you visualize what something is going to look like or do you go through the whole moving routinejelly cabinet (800x600).jpgpads (800x600).jpg?

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    It looks great Ruth, and so nice of your son to think of you when he comes across something neat. I try to visualize, but things usually don't look (or fit) the way I thought so I go through the moving routine. My house is small, so things stay put for a long time, not much room for big changes. I've used the tiny slider things you put under the legs of furniture, but never saw the big mats like that, looks like it would be a lot easier. Hubby's sweet to help you, my husband's always there when I need him too.

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    LOL! I'm one who can't visualize ahead of time (one of my sisters can but we live in different states now), so I use those mover pad things too and keep re-arranging now and then for days/weeks until it makes sense. If sis lived closer, I'd just call her and she'd have it down in about 30 minutes. Amazing!

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