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Do The Seasonal Climate Changes Alter Your Daily Routines?

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    My routine does not change much from Summer to Winter. I'm inside mostly. I did miss a dryer climate when I first moved to Oklahoma a few years ago. Here in Oklahoma, the elevation is about 1170 feet whereas in west Texas where I moved from it is over 3200 feet. Generally speaking, the higher the dryer, the lower climes realizes more humidity. I probably walk a little more in the Fall of the year.

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    The heat and humidity, especially this year, are keeping me and most of my friends and neighbors indoors. In nice weather, I like to go out for walks.

    I'd like to go to the pool tomorrow, but they're predicting thunderstorms, which we've been having a lot of this summer. If I can get myself moving early in the day, and it isn't raining yet, maybe I'll chance it.

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    I feel like I walked into a brick wall when the heat and humidity rises. I need to get a lot of weeding done and other gardening projects but I'll just wait it out. I want to enjoy gardening and not call it a chore.

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