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What's The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

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    I started to say I have never really been given any advise but then I remembered my mom saying how sorry she was she ever started smoking. She started at 19 so she'd look cool and fit in and smoked till the day she died at 65. I never smoked so I guess it might have been because of what she said.

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    Here's my two penneth.......Before you go on a long journey, map out where all the toilets are first.

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    My mother told us kids, "don't go out in the street or you'll get run over flatter than a pancake".

    On road trips, to keep us kids quiet in the car, my father would tell us, "You know, if you be real real quiet, we might see a bear".

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    When a cop shoots a person, people will ask, why didn't they just Taser him? Given the choice, I vote being shot, but not killed.

    After I got my wits about me, my friend asked me if I wished that I would have taken his advice. I asked him, "What advice was that?" I had no immediate knowledge that he had advised me not to volunteer. After being shown a short video of the Taser's powers, we were being given a demonstration of using the Taser with a dummy. Then, my Sgt. asks if anyone would like to take the dummy's place. So, I volunteered thinking that they would turn it down. Only later did I find out that the Taser's voltage could not be turned down and as long as the trigger was pressed, it would keep sending a signal. I saw myself on video after I was able to comprehend things again and I looked like I was frozen in time until the trigger was released. I just got a quick shot of about 5 seconds.
    "Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m."

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    "We often criticize in others what we can't stand to admit exists in ourselves." My Mom gave that gem to me when I was very young. I have found it invaluable, throughout my life, when I'm trying to figure out a person I've just met. I just listen to what they criticize in people whom they talk about, and then I know they're bad traits, right off the bat. Never fails.

    "Haste makes waste." Another one from Mom. Right on the money, there, too!

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