Links to some frequently asked questions:

How to make your threads/posts readable.
This is a must read, it's very important to write easy-to-read posts.

How to stop notification emails from this board.
By default you will get notification emails when a thread you participated in got new replies. This is convenient but can be overwhelming if you posted in many threads.

How to filter out certain forums when using "Today's Post" or "New Posts".
When browsing new posts, you can filter out certain forums such as Games.

How to like a post, or thank someone who helped you.
Use the reputation system to rate/comment posts.

How to recover your draft.
Use auto-save to recover your post if you lost it before submit.

How to quote other members' posts.
Learn how to quote multiple posts or text from another website.

Many tips in this thread on how to use the forum.
This thread covered many parts of the forum.

How to start a new thread(topic) or create a poll.
For new forum users who don't know how to start a new topic.