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Weight maintenance is so much harder than it used to be!

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    I lost some weight when I went on a lower carb way of eating for a number of mos. I haven't gained the weight back but want to lose more. It's very hard for me to exercise because I have muscular problems due to a health condition. I have to really ease into exercising or get very bad pain. So, I have a freezer full of ice packs to put on my muscles and have been to physical therapy to learn some exercises that are supposed to help. When it's hard to exercise it's hard to lose weight or all the weight I want to. And it is so much harder to lose weight at this age, too, I have found.
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    As expected my weight loss on this 2,000 calorie a day diet has slowed way down. I dropped 5 lbs. in the first 6 days. Now, after 12 days, I'm still down by just 5 lbs.
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