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If you like a restaurant's dish...

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    I usually try a few other dishes when I check out a new restaurant, then generally re-order only my favorites from then on. I consider it staying with the angel I know.

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    If I'm tired I stick with a comfortable old favorite and a big Manhattan or two!

    I'm much more adventuresome when I'm on vacation in new settings and situations.

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    I always had the Chinese Chicken Salad at Kenny's Restaurant at Kam Shopping Center. Always. Their's was the best. Unfortunately it closed down a few years ago. Some of the wait help had worked there for decades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkay View Post
    I recently tried a new Peruvian restaurant. I quite enjoyed the food I ordered and the beverage which was made from Peruvian purple corn. The potatoes were interesting, a different texture but I really liked them. I tend to try out several items over time a various restaurants but end up with one or two favorites that I prefer. So after I've tried a few new choices I stick with the devil I know.
    What a coincidence! "I recently tried a Peruvian restaurant". I could have written this whole post myself word for word! In fact, I think I did in another thread somewhere. The "potatoes" are Yucca....very similar to potatoes.

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    I tend to stay with what I know I like.


    An old Irani gent coerced my lady and I into dinner at his favorite Persian eatery
    It was…..unusual
    A tad bland

    I stick with a good steak place, a good Asian eatery, or Mexican
    Of those three, if I had to choose, it’d be Asian

    I’m a sucker for good hot and sour soup to stir my wok before dining on a number of main course favorites

    Why would I deny myself what I love

    (steak I can eat at home)

    (still looking for a good soup kitchen)
    “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
    I pretty much stick to fish fry or liver and onions. Breakfast is over easy eggs, home fries, sausage and Italian toast.
    A man after my own heart!! I LOVE liver and onions! Tried to get my kids to like it, and one does, but the go. I was raised on it!

    My routine at restaurants is to look for the symbol on that particular menu that indicates lighter fare. I eat around 1500 calories a day, so I need to monitor the caloric content of the food I choose. It's amazing to me, many of the choices at many or the restaurants I eat at have entrees that are close to or over my entire calorie content for the day! And that's just the entree, not even counting wine or a cocktail with the meal, the bread that's typically served with it, the salad and dressing before and the dessert after. Blows my mind!

    Once I narrow down what I can eat, then I like variety, and I like trying new things, and so I'll typically order something I haven't before, just to try it out. Ron and I usually order different things, and always have a taste of each other's food. When it's a restaurant we go to frequently where I've already tried everything, I tend to stick to what I like the most, but always check for changes to the menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gennie View Post
    One of the joys of eating out is trying dishes that I either can't or won't make at home.
    Your philosophy is mine as well. I'm not ordering a steak or anything I can make at home. I want some that takes forever and has a thousand different ingredients and looks like something made by the Gods.

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    I want something that I'm not going to have a home. Last night we went to a pub.
    My friends had roast beef, chicken or fish and chips. I had a Reuben's sandwich
    and fries, delicious and not something I would have at home.

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