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PUR water pitcher filter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie5656 View Post
    Right now we have a Brita pitcher that we really like. But we want to replace it with a bigger one, as we do drink a lot of water. How does Pur compare. If you have tried Brita, do you like one over the other?
    My experience with PUR is poor quality and the head mounted on the fuacett is bulky. The first one started cracking and leaked and the second one does not fit as it should on the faucett so water runs from the connection. Brita is simple just pour water in to the filter and you are done. I prefer Brita. A difference in taste? None a far as I can tell.

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    Hi, without a water sensor, of course, it will be difficult. But you can try to look at the state of the filter itself. Here is a good article about replacing filters . I think this will help you!

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    I don't trust the sensor's ever since I installed my new refrigerator. The location being where it is didn't allow me to connect the water line for the filter. However, once every 2 months, like clockwork the replace filter light comes on. I'm starting to think that maybe... just maybe... it's designed to sell more filters.

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