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How Often Does Your Doctor Require You To Visit?

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    I go once a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmdog44 View Post
    The question was how often.
    She answered, "Annually."

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    I go once a year for my annual physical. I have no health issues, bp normal, blood numbers OK, so I'm not on any meds. I have a mammogram every year, bone density test every couple years, I should see the dermatologist once a year, but I'm a year behind on that. Colonoscopy every 10 years. I seldom see the doctor other than for my annual. I think the last time I needed a doctor was several years back when I was dealing with severe foot pain...turned out to be plantar fasciitis.

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    I go once a year for annual physical and then I go in the fall to their annual flu shot clinic but don't actually see a doctor then. Other than that she suggests (doesn't require) and I usually ignore the suggestion

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