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Dawn Wells (Gilligan's Island) has a GofundMe account

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    Dawn Wells (Gilligan's Island) has a GofundMe account

    (I would think Medicare would pay most of her surgery/hospital bills)

    Dawn Wells, best known for playing Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan’s Island, is in need of financial aid, according to a GoFundMe reportedly created by her friend.

    A man by the name of Dugg Kirkpatrick recently launched a fundraiser with a goal of almost $200,000 to help Wells, 79, pay off medical bills.

    As of Friday the campaign has raised nearly $120,000 in just 10 days.

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    ​I agree with the notion of Medicaire paying bills. When my husband had his surgery, his OOP was $1400. On a $120,000 bill
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    According to "Inside Edition' segment I saw,she lost everything in the 2008 financial crash,owes the IRS $194,000 in penalties. She broke her knee last yr.
    I'm a bit skeptical she didn't have a financial adviser/lawyer taking care of the money she made over the yrs after "Gilligan' was cancelled
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    I'm not unsympathetic about people falling on hard times - especially when they have health problems.

    But......the GoFundMe stories have gotten out of hand.

    Lots of people have large medical bills, little or no income, and lots of people have IRS debts, and many other debts. But not everyone is a has-been celebrity with fans who can toss money at them.

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    I'm ok with it, people are free to participate or pass it by.

    I do agree that often times they seem to be a modern substitute for things that most people routinely carried insurance to cover or saved for.

    Maybe go fund me will become the modern version of insurance/passing the hat for people with a financial problem.

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