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State Fair- past and present

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    State Fair- past and present

    The Kansas State Fair opened yesterday. This year they have a daily theme for each day. Today was a political theme. There was a debate between the candidates for governor and then each candidate had times in which to speak individually. I chose today to attend so I could hear what they all had to say. It's cloudy, cool and most important everyone was respectful and well behaved (at least from my viewpoint).

    The state fair has really changed throughout the years...or maybe it's me who has done all the changing. Here are some of my observations

    I used to love the midway and all the carnival rides. I rode everything when I was younger. I'm down to only the ferris wheel now. I suppose it's because I'm afraid to get on other rides that spin fast or would turn me upside down. I'm not afraid of the ride itself but afraid some of my denture work will fly out of my mouth and hit some poor kid in the head. I dont want to traumatize any children.

    Politicians used to be so "cheesy". I remember the whole toothy grinned, let me hold your baby routine they used to have at fairs. Not so much anymore, the tone is far more serious. Perhaps I just notice the seriousness because I'm older. When I was younger I was more interested in the fun and games, I could have cared less about politicians.

    There are no longer any of those eerie sideshows where you could pay to go into a creepily painted trailer to view the tattooed man, the fat lady, the smallest person, the tallest person, the bearded lady. You could pay to see two headed snakes, sword swallowers, fire eaters. Those venues haven't existed for years.

    There are some strange food offerings (such as deep fried everything) now but still some old favorites. I had funnel cake and a giant ear of corn that was roasted to perfection. There has been a taffy making vendor for decades. I bought some licorce taffy to bring home with me.

    Of course, in Kansas there are plenty of exhibits. Livestock exhibits, sewing, agriculture, butter sculpture, art, photography, quilts. There are sheep shearing demonstrations, cow milking demonstrations. There are vendors selling salsa making gadgets or selling different kinds of honey. I could probably attend everyday and still not see everything there is to see.

    I like to people watch. Children are so excited by the newness of it all. They are begging to go see the sheep and pigs and rabbits. They want to ride the rides. They want to touch, taste, see everything. I want to also but alas my poor old body was ready to come home. I was actually relieved to not be a young mother trying to keep track of a couple of toddlers in the crowd. Perhaps it was all those political speeches that wore me out. I think I must have dozed off a couple of times

    I did visit some of the games. I never could hit a balloon with a dart. I tried. Still can't do it. I never could get a basketball into the hoop. I tried. Still can't do it. Skee Ball has always been my game. I was able to get that wooden ball into one of the holes several times and I managed to win a miniature rubber chicken. I'm really proud of that chicken. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I won it or maybe because I only spent $4.00 to win it. Yea me!

    I'm proud of myself for actually making it to the fair this year. Last year I stopped at some farmer's markets on the way to the fair and ended up spending all my money on cantalopes, tomatoes, corn so I came back home. I didn't stop at any of those until I was on my way back home.

    I came home with two cantalopes, 6 tomatoes, 6 ears of corn and my 5 inch rubber chicken. I didn't even get a headache from all the speeches. All in all it was a good day.
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    Brings back a lot of memories especially the corn. Loved the cotton candy and the ferris wheel. Touring the exhibits was fun and people watching!. Never won anything until I was older and a boyfriend would win me teddy bears!! Have not been to one in years.

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